Laser Hair Removal Treatment

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Irrespective of the gender, excessive body hair even body hair in areas like the armpits, can be a source of annoyance and pain. When you want to be at your best and, have the drive and energy to achieve, why do you want to stick to archaic options like plucking, waxing, tweezing and shaving? Why do you want to waste your time and energy on these painful options when the all-encompassing benefits of lasers are available?

Our Offer

  • Laser Hair Removal treatment is a process of permanent hair reduction. The laser light penetrates into the hair follicles, in order to completely stop hair re-growth.
  • Yes, majority of the people today are going in for Laser Hair Removal. More than 65-70% of males and 80-85% females using laser hair removal have a success ratio of 80-95%.
  • No side effects are seen except for mild redness that will subside in about half an hour post the treatment.
  • Hair removal process depends upon specific body areas and person to person. For complete body hair removal, the number of sessions may be higher than particular body areas.

Highlights of the weight loss treatment regimen delivered by value vonders

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