Lipo Gel

Still overweight? Check value venders Best weight loss program that changes your weight

The Lipogel treatment at Kolors is a powerful innovation that seeks to help individuals burn fat with minimal diet and lifestyle change. The gel attacks the fat in the skin and helps to ‘burn’ fat naturally. Scientifically formulated with the most advanced of ingredients, the Lipogel treatment is a veritable boon for individuals with a fast-paced lifestyle, for whom heavy exercises or strict diet regimens are just not possible!

Our Offer

  • Lipo Gel Therapy works on specific areas of the body to reduce excess Fat. Targeted areas like belly, waist, Hips, thighs etc.
  • Lipo Gel treatment gives best results by improving the blood circulation, relaxes the muscles, helps in detoxification, weight reduction and increases metabolism.
  • People who are Obese, those suffering with Hypothyroid, and overweight.
  • burn Fat naturally; the Lipo-gel attacks specific areas of fat within the skin, and thereby accelerates weight loss.

Highlights of the weight loss treatment regimen delivered by value vonders

  • Experienced in-house team of Certified Dermatologists.
  • Advanced US-FDA approved equipment.
  • Comprehensive one-to-one consultation with the doctor.
  • Well trained and certified therapists.
  • Stringent guidelines and set protocols for better service efficacy.
  • 50,000 happy customers and counting.